4×4 vans and van conversions are extremely popular these days, especially among off-roaders and campers. In fact, many automobile manufacturers do conversions, especially the American-based ones. And among companies that specialize in these conversions there are two notable ones. Sportsmobile and Quigley. The focus of this article will be on the Quigley 4×4 vans. Okay, let’s begin.

Quigley has 36 years of experience in the conversion of vans to 4×4 capabilities. Their two specialties are the QuadraVersion which utilizes Ford vans and the Trailmaker which uses Chevrolet and GMC vans. One of the more attractive features of Quigley conversions is that they are designed to be easily serviced by Ford and Chevy/GMC dealerships. They achieve this by using easy to get original components from the manufacturers themselves. Genius.

Quigley is fanatical when it comes to making sure the job is done right. Example, with Ford vans they will modify the fuel tank to accommodate any additional components. And after that is done, they thoroughly test the tank to make sure it makes the grade. They even went to the extreme of conducting worst-case scenario crash tests of their prototype conversions.

Both their Trailmaker and QuadraVersion models retain all the original safety features of their respective models. Yet another impressive thing Quigley has done is raise the height of their conversion vans 4 to 5 inches in order to maximize suspension travel. By doing so they have been able to maintain the vehicle’s stability.

The personal care that Quigley puts into each and every van conversion is truly second to none. As mentioned above, Quigley endeavors to retain as many manufacturer original parts as possible. In fact, it is said that they retain 90% of the factory components. And the rest are parts that are manufactured in-house.

And now for a topic that is (and should be) of the utmost importance to potential customers, the warranty. Quigley provides a 36 month/36,000 mile warranty on all of the 4×4 system parts and components. And to boot, the work covered by the warranty can be performed at any Ford franchise, Chevy or GMC dealer, dependent upon the vehicle purchased.

And to make it paint-by-numbers easy, every Trailmaker and QuadraVersion comes with a complete list of components used in the conversions and also lists maintenance schedules, operation details and a 1-800 customer service number.

To be honest, with competition being tough, most van conversion companies do a fairly good job, but when it comes to Quigley 4×4 van conversions, you are really talking about the upper-tier of them.

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