Is a 4×4 campervan just your dream vehicle? Well, there may be many great features of a campervan, with their comfortable interior chocked full off domestic utilities. However a camper van can be rather expensive. If you are, in fact, looking to buy a campervan, or another motorhome, there are many details that you have to consider. If your friends have a campervan, you might borrow one for a few days to see what you and your family really need in a campervan.

Buying used 4×4 campervans an be a great investment- if you can get a good second hand car, that is. Here are a few ways you can pick a great used 4×4 campervan:

  • Take a mechanic along: If you are testing a secondhand campervan, you should take along a mechanic. He can test drive the campervan for you and give you an accurate report of the conditions of the exterior and the interior parts, as well as the overall security of the van, which is a very essential feature of campervans.
  • Understand what you need: It is important to realize what you want from your 4×4 campervan before you make a purchase. A 4×4 campervan is a vehicle that can comfortably accommodate 2 to 3 people. If your family size is significantly larger, you would probably be better off with a Class A motorhome, although they are more difficult to move about.
  • Read up the vehicle history: Before buying a second hand 4×4 campervan, you should check out its history. If others have owned the van before your seller, or others have test driven it, try and see if you can contact them. They can give you a fair idea aobut the quality of the van, and this is something you should do before making such a big investment.
  • Look through the bodywork and fittings: you should check the body for any signs of water leaks. If there is any dampness, that is a sign that there may be a plumbing problem. Wooden floors may feel soft due to corrosion from water.

Also make sure that the fittings used are comfortable.

The campervan is a great vehicle, and through some prudence, you can get your dream car in the second hand market.

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