Whether you know it or not, Maxxis has been in the tire business since 1967.  They are one of the most trusted tires brands in the whole world and their customers are global…coming from over 170 countries.  They employ over 28,000 people and strive to make the tires that you want with the performance you demand at a price you can afford.  Does that sound good to you?

Why don’t we take a look at a few of them?

M8060 Trepador

This is a tire for the extreme off road enthusiast.  The tread design is both aggressive and directional which means that the traction is excellent whether you are on the road or on the trails.  The siping is multi curve giving you improved traction when you are on slippery surfaces or loose dirt.  The arrangement is such that it ensures that you get a tread contact area that is uniform so you have handling that is sure-footed.  The cap ply is joint less and spiral wound which maximizes the ride durability and refinement.  The shoulder pattern is staggered and multi-staged to give an improved side bite on terrain that would be difficult for other tires to handle.  The tire construction is reinforced with nylon belt which means that it has a greater resistance to punctures and makes the overall life of the tire longer.  It is rated for all seasons.  This tire might give your light truck or SUV a bit of a rougher looking stance.

M8090 Creepy Crawler

This tire is classified as a bias extreme off road tire.  The design on the construction of the Creepy Crawler enables you to take the tire on nearly any terrain.  If you happen to be into rock crawling then you will like the fact that this tire is equipped with something called stone ejectors.  What these ejectors do is give protection for your tread caps when they come into contact with sharp rocks.  The knob design is unique in that it has multiple edges.  This coupled with the arrangement of the siping enhances the traction provided on slippery terrains.  The shoulder lugs are rather large and these along with the design of the sidewall give a side bite that it amazing when you are on hard to handle terrain.  These tires have the added benefit of being DOT approved.  With the addition of this tire to your SUV or light truck you will definitely get a more rugged look.

Maxxis does not only make off road tires.  They also make tires for motorcycles, passenger vehicles, racing tires, Jeep tires and even more.  If you would like to see more of their tires you will find them all at the Maxxis web site.

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