4×4 sprinters can be rather exciting. Providing all the comforts and utilities of a classic motor home, they have the further feature of being cruiser vehicles that can really reach unbelievable speeds. Furthermore, their aerodynamic design ensure that a maximum fuel efficiency is maintained. As any motorhome resident is painfully aware, fuel costs can be a big issue for these homes, so a sprinter version of a 4x4campervan can be really be a dream vehicle.

Unfortunately, sprinter vehicles were a rarity in America. Apart from the Sportsmobile 4×4, and the gigantic European MAN and Iveco RVs, there weren’t many options in the North American market. Many DIY enthusiasts like to craft their own 4×4 sprinter, of course, but that is neither a viable option for everyone, nor is it a particularly safe venture.

Enter the new 4×4 sprinter conversions. Two different companies in America specialize on this option, and they have now made 4×4 sprinters available for all north American camping enthusiasts.

Both these companies use active ABS, ASR and ESP electronic components in most of their models, just like the Mercedes 4×4 Iglhaut camper. However, they do not use any Mercedes parts. And these are not any homemade DIY projects either. These companies have a background of experience in producing off-road RVs. The vans they produce are, by all accounts, a pleasure to drive, with incredible handling and fuel efficiency. These are vans that can make it through mud, snow, slush and sand. They use powerful engines, with a 188 hp 3.0 liter diesel engine being standard. They have a low centre of gravity, that gives these large vehicles balance. With killer looks and differential locks, these are a vehicle-lover’s dream come true.

These conversions, however, can add around $20000 to your 4×4 campervan’s cost. So you should give it a bit of thought before you hop onboard. Remember that if you aren’t using your 4x4campervan off-road too much, you can easily upgrade at a cheaper cost by investing in light truck tires designed for off-road driving.

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