A 4×4 campervan is rated as a Class B recreational vehicle. It is an essential tool for all camping and outdoor enthusiasts. It looks like a van, and is in fact built on a van chassis. With a length of about 16-21 feet, these are the smallest motorhomes, and they are thus easy to maneuver on the road. They provide all the comfort of a good motorhome, and are full of such useful domestic features as refrigerators, beds, stoves, microwaves, and many more.

Over the years, 4×4 campervans have made themselves a large base of loyal fans. The reason for this is simple – these are quality vehicles that you can use to travel comfortably to faraway places. “Campervans” were designed with the quintessential needs of the camper in mind. As a result, these are an indispensable vehicle for any camping enthusiast. You can take them remote places where no one has gone before, and enjoy a great day of camping with your family, without the added hassle of carrying all your belongings and food in hampers.

There are many popular brands of campervans. The brand that has gained most popular acclaim in America is the Road Trek. The Road trek comes packed with camper-friendly features, including a toilet, a water tank, a shower, and a change room. There are so many things you can do with a road trek camper. You can take part in recreational vehicle camps, you can use them to travel to work, or work trips, and you can even turn them into a spare room for friends.

There are also a large range of VW campers. The Type 2 split screen from VW initially popularized the concept of the small camper vehicle. The recently released VW T4 and T5 models are now the smallest campervans you can get in the market.

Campervans also have a booming secondhand market because of improved road transport and logistics. However, if you are looking to buy a 4×4 campervan from the secondhand market, you should inspect carefully, and see if any repairs and alterations are required.
4×4 campervans are super vehicles that can have many uses, and any vehicle enthusiast should take some time to check them out.

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