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When you are off-roading, there are boulders that can be scaled and others that can confront other problems. That is why some extra inches of clearance will give you greater security and balance as you confront these trail obstacles. The Jeep Wrangler is the workhorse in many off-road trailing courses and one of the best ways to customize it for these punishing rides is by installing lift kits to add extra clearance.

For you to change the tires, you can choose to pick up a Lift Kit.  Here are different types of lift kits:

  • Body Lift Kit: The Jeep sits on a frame, and in between there is something called a body mount that splits the Jeep in two parts. This is often the first choice to young people because of the low price and overall, body mount is good but not enough.
  • The Spacer Lift: You add the spacer in between the coil spring. This will raise the body part of your Jeep so you can have a little more space.
  • The Suspension Lift Kit: Requires a taller Coil, and different suspension chops and tools to it. This is a extremely generic lift kit to install. It may not be the best one, but it accommodates to be one of the most recommended.  This is different from the body lift kit, for example. It will raise everything above the axles and will give more space and clearance to travel.  Anybody could say it is a great investment for your Wrangler.

In conclusion, Jeeps need to be treated with utmost care to handle every type of trail.  You can use an installation manual to insert the lift kits on your Jeep before you embark on your trailing.

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