Camper vans and motor homes are something any traveler should consider. Featuring unparalleled comfort and luxury, they truly give you a dream journey. Anyone who is travelling some distance for business or pleasure should consider giving campervans or motorhomes a try. The large space and homely features such as a kitchen, bathroom and a wide array of entertainment options give them a solid edge over any other form of transport. Additionally, you no longer have to worry about accommodation, as the campervans and motorhomes can be a comfortable place to stay the night in.

But how exactly do you differentiate between campervans and motorhomes? Actually, it’s rather a question of size. Both campervans and motorhomes can be classified as recreational vehicles, and recreational vehicles can be categorized into three broad types, according to size:

Class A Motorhomes: These are about 21 to 40 feet in length. They are the largest sized motorhomes, and they make some of the most popular and useful portable homes out there. Built on a heavy duty frame (such as those of commercial trucks and buses, they provide a complete housing solution, and can comfortably accommodate from 6 to 10 people. The driving part of these motorhomes is separated from the living part. The kitchen, bathroom and recreational facilities are all top class

Class B Motorhomes: These are colloquially known as the campervans. They come in lengths of 16 to 21 feet. They look a lot like vans, and are actually built on the frame of a van. They are the smallest option for motorhomes. There is no separation between the driving area and the living space. However, these vans are very easy to maneuver, and can easily be parked even in your driveway.

Class C motorhomes. These are the medium sized motorhomes, coming at lengths of 20 to 28 feet. Unlike campervans, they have overcab sleeping area, which means they can accommodate more people. They are also pretty roomy, and there is a separation between driving and living space.

So in short, campervans are the smallest motorhomes, and have the basic cooking, sleeping and recreational features, and there is no divide between the driving and living area.

Whether you chose a motorhome or a campervan depends on how big a vehicle you’d like to drive, or how many people would go with you.

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